Class Information

There is a growing interest in blacksmithing today and the best way to get started is through proper teaching. Whether you are new to blacksmithing or have been at it for years, hands-on time at the anvil with an experienced teacher is an invaluable experience. Efficient forging does not just ‘happen,’ it’s a learned skill and spending time with Lyle and Stan will further your knowledge in efficient forging like nothing else.

In the Tools to make Tools class you will not only learn how to make the tools required to make a rounding hammer, you will make the tools and understand their uses. Furthermore, the tools that you make in the class are also some of the essential tools required for many other basic blacksmithing tasks. Some of the tools you will make in the class will be hammer-eye tongs, punches, drifts, hot-cut hardy, various top tools, bottom fullers, a cupping tool, a flatter and of course the blacksmiths rounding hammer. You may also make other items including, but not limited to, bottle openers, decorative items, leaf-work and more.

Every item made during the class goes home with the student as well as the knowledge of how they were made and the confidence and skill to make them again when they return to their home forge. Through using the ‘watch one-make one’ style of teaching, Lyle and Stan will ensure that each student completely understands the how and why behind every blow of the hammer in the class.

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The Tools to make Tools class can also travel to you. Given enough interest we will gladly bring the Tools to make Tools class to your location. Contact us to find out more about bringing Lyle and Stan to your area for classes.

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