Tools to make Tools

About Lyle and Stan

Lyle Wynn
Stan Bryant

Lyle Wynn’s foray into blacksmithing began in 1998 when his uncle gave him all the essential tools that originally belonged to Lyles’ grandfather, who was also a Mississippi blacksmith. Having the tools but not the knowledge began a never-ending journey.

Lyle joined the Mississippi Forge Council in 1999 and began attending the monthly meetings. As we all know, watching someone once a month for a couple hours is not a very good way to learn a new craft. As a result, Lyle started venturing to other states to attend other meetings and conferences, so he could benefit from as many different classes and teachers as he could.

In September of 2009, Lyle began working with Brian Brazeal to demonstrate and teach the "Tools to make Tools" curriculum. They traveled all across the US and into Canada for several years. In 2011, after being employed for 12 years with a company that made gas and electric lanterns out of copper, Lyle was laid off. This is when he started blacksmithing full time. Through demonstrations, teaching classes, and attending festivals, what was once a hobby had now become a full-time profession.

Stan is an accomplished blacksmith and welder in his own right. He currently serves as the President of the Mississippi Forge Council and regularly demonstrates proper forging techniques and various how-to's at the council meetings. In 2012 Lyle began working with Stan and was impressed with his determination and skill. They combined efforts in 2016 and are now teaching and demonstrating as a team. They teach their classes from a fully-outfitted blacksmith shop in Mendenhall, MS, named “Walnut Cut Forge.” They host classes and continue to travel for demonstrations and classes in many locations across the United States.

To see Lyle or Stan in action outside of their classes, you can find them at the Mississippi Forge Council meetings, which occur every third Saturday of the month at the McIntosh Blacksmith shop on the grounds of the Mississippi Agriculture Museum in Jackson, MS. Lyle also spends time demonstrating and teaching class at the Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi Craft Center and can be seen demonstrating and teaching classes there from time to time. For Craft Center visits or information, please contact the Craft Center