All the products shown here are made by hand when requested, as a result, please allow time for them to be made and shipped to you. Please contact us with the name and quantity of the tool you would like to purchase. Other blacksmithing tools may be available on request, if you do not see what you need here just send us an email and we will talk.  Hot cuts and hammer eye punches are made from 4140, hammers and other top tools are made from 1045.

Top Tools:
Hammer Eye Punch125.00
Top 1-1/2" Fuller125.00
Top 3" Fuller125.00
Set Hammer125.00
Bottom Tools:
Bottom Swage 1-1/2"-3"75.00
Cupping Tool60.00
Bottom 1-1/2" Fuller60.00
Bottom 3" Fuller60.00
Flat Jaw Tongs45.00
Scrolling Tongs45.00
Hammer Eye Tongs150.00
Hammer Eye Drifts75.00
Hump Tools30.00
Rounding Hammers:
1.5-3lb Hammer150.00
3.25-4.25lb Hammer200.00
4.5-5.5lb Hammer300.00